Welcome to the Allen Quilters’ Guild!

Calling all quilters in the Allen area, join us for monthly programs, great friendships and all the creativity you can stand. AQG meets the 3rd Thursday of each month 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at Allen Arts Alliance in their art gallery space in Watters Creek Mall, known as Blue House Too.  Please click here for a map.

Blue House Too has moved! They are still in Watters Creek but in a different location. Our January meeting will take place in the new space. Look for Z Gallerie on the corner – Blue House Too is right there.

Blue House Too






Due to the COVID-19 virus,

we will not meet again until
September 2020.

Our September meeting with be a
“Quarantine Show & Tell”



TAQG Rally Day has been a fixture in the North Texas Area for 10 years. I don’t
know about you, but over the years I have been inspired and awed by the
talent I’ve seen by the speakers, our fellow Guild Raffle quilts and the silent
auction. I have met other quilty kindred spirits and have just enjoyed going to
Rally Day. That is why I am so sad to announce that the 2020 Rally Day has
been cancelled due to the CoVid-19 crisis. The 2020 Rally Day Committee felt
that it was too big a risk to members’ health to continue with the event. Also,
the event relied on Guild involvement preparing for this event and with Guilds
not meeting and quilt shops not being fully opened that it would be very hard
to continue. If anyone signed up for a workshop, your money should be
returned to you.
Additionally, the TAQG board and members have made the decision to
disband the organization immediately. They felt that TAQG no longer had the
Guild involvement which was needed to fulfill their mission statement to
combine resources of area Guilds. A vote was taken and a decision was made
to disband the organization.

Shelley V.
AQG TAQG Representative


One of the quilts created during the Community Service Event at our November meeting.

Thanks to Fabric Fanatics for letting us use their space!